NutriProtein: How to Start Your Workout or Weight-Loss Routine

The #1 Ingredient is Plant-Based Protein

Whether you’re taking your workout to the next level or simply looking for a way to improve and fortify your body, protein plays an essential role. Protein increases muscle mass, strengthens bones, helps your body repair tissue, and boosts your metabolism. Protein also helps you manage weight-loss by reducing your appetite, converting fat into energy, and improving your weight-regulating hormones. 

Most people get their proteins from meats, fish, eggs, and dairy products. But this can be detrimental and downright dangerous for vegetarians, vegans, and people with food allergies who may not get enough plant-based proteins in their diet.

NutriProtein was created for all of these reasons. It’s formulated entirely from natural, plant-based ingredients that are packed with protein (like Artesa® chickpea powder and pea protein), rich in fiber (organic chia seeds) and prebiotic fiber (organic acacia, xanthan, guar gum, inulin), anti-inflammatories, proteases, and fat-burning MCTs.

NutriProtein was developed to fuel the toughest workout while replenishing essential nutrients in your body — all in one delicious daily shake.

When’s the Best Time of Day to Take NutriProtein?

This depends on your goals — whether that’s building muscle mass, losing weight, improving gut health, shifting to plant-based foods, or even repairing the effects of age or poor eating habits. The time of day you drink NutriProtein can play an important role in what you want to accomplish.

Here are our recommendations:

To Maximize Your Workout: Take NutriProtein 15 minutes to one hour after exercising. Fitness experts call this period the “anabolic window,” where your body gets the most out of the nutrients. A boost of proteins has been shown to improve performance and recovery, and reduce muscle soreness.

For Strength Training/Muscle Building: Take NutriProtein immediately before your workout, up to two hours after your workout, or even during your workout. NutriProtein was developed to quickly deliver amino acids to the muscles that need them most.

For Improved Weight Loss: Use NutriProtein in between light meals or as an entire meal replacement (preferably in place of breakfast or lunch). The active ingredients will curb your hunger cravings, make you feel full and sated, and keep you from loading up on calories later in the day.

To Prevent Muscle Loss: Protein is a natural muscle builder and protector, but most of us don’t consume much during our morning and midday meals. So, take NutriProtein during these periods to evenly distribute your daily protein intake.

Swapping Whey for Plant-Based Proteins: Whey comes from dairy, which makes it a no-go for people with dairy allergies. It’s also harder for your body to digest. Whey usually contains artificial sweeteners, and can cause flatulence and bloating. NutriProtein doesn’t — it’s entirely plant-based, so it’s ideal for vegans and people with food allergies. Take NutriProtein any time of day you would normally take a traditional protein supplement.

A Tip for People with Sensitive Stomachs…

As you’ve just read, NutriProtein is a powerful, plant-based formula that really packs a nutritional punch. If your body isn’t accustomed to all of these healthy ingredients, or if you have a sensitive digestive system, you may experience some slight stomach discomfort once you first start using it.

That’s completely natural! Every human body works a little bit differently, just like everyone’s health and wellness goals can vary. If you do happen to experience some discomfort at first, you just might need to introduce NutriProtein into your diet a little slower. Here are a few steps you can take:

Start gradually: Begin with half the recommended dosage for the first few days, until your body gets used to all the nutrients.

Schedule your meals: Don’t eat too soon before or after drinking NutriProtein, or your stomach may have the uncomfortable feeling of being too full. 

Get more active: Try increasing your activity levels so your body can quickly process all those healthy proteins and put them to good use.

I just know you’re going to love the silky smooth taste of NutriProtein, not to mention how it’s going to revolutionize your workout routine. Let me know what changes you’ve experienced! Post your thoughts and before-and-after pics on our Facebook page.

To the world’s best ingredients … and the best life has to offer!

~ Dr. Pedre & your NatureM.D. Wellness Team